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The choice of Cremation has been available at McMahons since 1980 when Glasnevin opened its doors. Since then there are four Crematoria in Southern Ireland – Glasnevin, Mount Jerome, Newlands Cross and the most recent at Lakelands Crematorium, Cavan. There is also a Crematorium at Roselawn, Belfast. Naturally for residents of Cavan and County Cavan, we find that our use of Lakeland in Cavan is the most economical option with no travelling involved. All of the Above are available for use by staff at McMahons and we will be very happy to facilitate with your choice.

About Cremation

Whats involved and are there any significant savings to be made in relation to a conventional Funeral with burial. Yes, if the process is managed sensibly. The most expensive item to be purchased for a cremation is the coffin. We will always advise families and guide them towards the most inexpensive coffin manufactured from light combustible materials instead of the more expensive hardwoods and oaks. This process is highly recommended by our Irish Association of Funeral Directors and the working Crematoria and we feel strongly that Families should be advised in this direction. There is, of course, a charge at all Crematoria for their services and all this needs to be discussed.

We always collect the ashes afterwards and if necessary, will keep the urn securely at our Funeral Home at Farnham Road until you decide on burial or other disposal to be put in place. We can arrange a committal in your family plot with your preferred religious service and grave opening by our outdoor staff if you so wish. We have no charge for this service because we see it as closure to the funeral and in keeping with a conventional burial.

All relevant forms, including medical will be completed and made available to you for inspection if you so desire and will be lodged at the time of booking. Generally with cremation, there is a full Funeral i.e. Church Service or Mass before going to the Crematorium. There is another option available if these Services are not required. A full Civil Ceremony or one directed by the Family can be facilitated at the McMahon Funeral Home before we travel to the Crematorium, and this works very well. Always remember that a Cremation is a simple and practical arrangement when placed in good hands. We at McMahons have been involved in making this happen for almost 40 years.

For more information feel free to call us, or call to us, and we can discuss any arrangements you may be considering. You will, as ever, leave us with a contented mind and full knowledge of costs involved without obligation.

Thank you,
Funeral Home Cavan.