Funeral Services

When arranging a funeral for a loved one, there is much to be considered, especially when the service has not been pre-planned. Everyone is unique, and the factors which influence the final choice of ceremony will differ.

John, Helen, Philip and all our staff at McMahon Funeral Directors, provide a 24 hour service at all times. You will be guaranteed a very understanding response whenever you are in need of our services, advice and experience. You are assured of full funeral planning in accordance with family wishes.

Our services include everything relevant to the funeral business. We offer full care and  preparation of the deceased:

  • Embalming (if considered necessary by the family), full funeral arrangements with participating Clergy.
  • Compiling and placing funeral arrangements in the National Newspapers and local Radio.
  • Full preparation of relevant documents for Cremation.
  • Arranging organists and soloists for participation in the Funeral Mass or Service.
  • Providing books of condolence at the Church, private residence or Funeral Home.
  • Repatriation: When someone dies abroad, you will find us fully qualified to handle all the paperwork, contact with  the relevant Embassies, and all arrangements to take your loved one home to Ireland or from Ireland to your Country.

We cover everything in the Funeral Business –  that  is our guarantee. We will never pretend to be able to take away all your pain and feeling of loss, but we will promise to take all the other weight from your shoulders and place it firmly on ours.

Funeral Home Cavan.